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John Awen

Life is a funny old game, no matter what we believe, or dream may happen to us. We can often be left feeling surprised as to how life evolves, from that moment. It is up to us as individuals to overcome and conquer the trials that may come our way. It is this that defines who and what we are, our strength of character and resilience to get through it.

Shattered Dreams

From a shattered dream of an Army career, an exploration into experimenting with drugs that ultimately led me into a murky world where I became a Heroin and Crack Cocaine addict for 12 years. During this time my life spiralled out of control. I suffered 3 heart attacks, was shot with a pistol at point blank range, was multiply stabbed and left for dead. I also found myself serving 9 different Prison sentences for driving whilst disqualified and shoplifting, all of which were directly linked to my addiction.

It was being stabbed that ultimately shocked me into giving up that way of life and now, in 2018, I am approaching 10 years clean. Even after those traumatic years, the onslaught against my body didn’t finish. In 2007 I was diagnosed as having contracted Hepatitis ‘C’ so I underwent a 48wks intensive course of Chemotherapy in 2010, which cured me, although not before I had endured chemically induced Leukaemia bought about by the highly invasive treatment.

I admit that I have abused my body over the years and know I am extremely lucky to still be here today, although the damage I inflicted is still causing me many problems today and will do for the rest of my life. It is a culmination of my experiences, my beliefs and outlook on life that I am able to offer advice and alternatives to people who may be battling with difficult situations, in doing this, I hope I can help others avoid the many pitfalls that I have gone through myself.

John Awen Author

Being an author and writer, to date I have written 4 books. I have contributed articles for another 2 and have appeared in various magazines. My books are all Spiritual and alternate belief based. If you feel you would like me to write for you, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

A free spirited Man, who openly follows a Shamanic way of life and being. I work with the elements and my Totem, or Power Animals to guide me through my daily life. They strengthen me and  show me the finer workings and ways of the natural world and Universe as a whole.

John Awen’s Availability

I am available to give talks and run workshops on a wide variety of topics listed below. Please call or e-mail me to discuss a booking:

  • Working with Totem animals
  • Being Vegan
  • My battle with and overcoming drug addiction
  • Living a Spiritual life
  • Dream interpretations
  • Online Bullying and how to beat it
  • My life as a Shaman

I also give talks on my various book topics, along with the other subjects, all of which I am passionate about and have personal experience of.

Having survived a twelve year drug addiction, I am fully aware that any addiction can happen at any time and to anybody, regardless of any preconceived society status and supposed social standings we may have. Addiction can grab anyone and in many forms. It is a battle that consumes our whole being totally. It is having the strength and resilience to battle through it that shows us how to overcome any hurdles we may discover on our journey through this life. I am more than equipped to offer consultations on possible ways to overcome addiction. So please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having addiction problems yourself, you are not alone.

For every action there is a reaction and this is so prevelant to me. Almost three years ago I was diagnosed with advanced heart failure, heart disease and multiple heart valve failure. This was mainly due to my previous addiction battle. All of this led me to be aware of all the intricacies of not only overcoming addiction, but the aftermath and extremes that can all arrive from this.


I’m a Vegan living a fully Vegan lifestyle. I totally understand how difficult the transition can be from being a carnivore to Vegetarianism, or Vegan can be. I offer a Mentoring option, totally free of charge, to anybody who is thinking about, or would like to make this evolutionary step into becoming meat and dairy free. The process involves me giving you options to break free and live an alternative life that ultimately is against animal cruelty and exploitation in any way. Contact me for more information and support, either by the contact form below, or by phone.

I have been interviewed many times about my life, my work and my beliefs. I have appeared on various radio stations and I am always open to chat freely about many subjects and interests. If you would like to book me for an event, a talk, book signing, a workshop, or to contact me about another matter, please feel free to get in touch by using the form below.


John Awen