Overcoming Addiction

John Awen

Life is a funny old game and we never know what joys and trials lie before us, none of us do and for want of a better sentence, it is only the ignorant that think they are above any addictions.

Addiction can come in many forms and various guises, it is how we cope and hopefully manage to fight and overcome these issues that truly shows our strengths, courage and resilience to battle through and crawl out of its grip.

My addiction started in 1997, a massive heroin addiction that within a few short months had totally consumed who and what I was. This lasted almost 12 years, during which I lost many friends, some walked away, many died, some in front of me before my eyes, unfortunately, though shocking at the time, it was not until I had overcome this addiction that the sheer and huge impact played out in my minds vision and still does to this day.

Suffering 3 heart attacks during this time didn’t perturb me, such was the thirst, want and total consuming hold that was on me, that I really didn’t care if I lived, or died.

Around 2008 I was involved in a stabbing, I was stabbed 3 times, what with this and the fact that my body was very ill anyway, I drifted away and almost died. At that point, the realisation that I wanted to live and that there was more to life gave me the focus and inner determination to try to hold on and fight for life.

12 Years

Almost 12 years of my life had been consumed and given away to the hold this highly addictive drug had imposed upon me, then again, on reflection, I had imposed myself upon it and allowed myself to be cocooned in its death like grip.

Regardless of the addiction, drugs, drink, gambling, sex, there is a way out and it has to come from within, a grasp of that realisation that life is so precious and there really is so much more to live for. Its all about making changes and breaking the habit.

Looking back now, I don’t regret anything and I realise totally that it was my path in life to go through that.

Standing here today, I am a whole and complete picture and I like ME and am very comfortable within my own skin. If I was to remove even the smallest of pieces that have all contributed to who I am now, the picture fails and I would not be here and who I am now, its that simple.

It is how we rise up, hopefully survive, then grow and evolve from any lessons we face that shows our strengths and who we are. Life is all about learning, growing and evolving.

No matter what comes our way, or befalls us, we have it in us to overcome it, its our choice.

As well as offering advice, I am available to give talks on this topic, or any of the other subjects covered on this site, all of which I have personal experience and knowledge of.


If I can offer any advice to you if you are wanting to break any habits, then please contact me, either by phone, or the contact forms here.

Good luck and thank you for reading.