Why do we slaughter and exploit other beings ?


I have no doubt at all that one day Mankind will stop butchering, slaughtering and totally exploiting our fellow creatures, maybe not in my lifetime, but one day.

For a country that openly professes to be animal loving and compassionate to other beings, why then, do we participate and actively eat the flesh of another animal?

I have reared animals, helped them birth, watched them die, passed them over and on the other end of the spectrum, I have loaded up animals, driven them to and then unloaded them at the slaughterhouse. I have then herded them into the small pens, knowing what fate awaited them and I have then stroked them as they waited for their turn to be killed. Even when I was doing this, I knew it wasn’t right and I will carry those memories for the rest of my days.

Fact is I now no longer agree with mass slaughter of animals and the exploitation of other beings sickens me to the core. Where eating another’s flesh is concerned, its verging on cannibalistic, its immoral, sickening and uncalled for. Unfortunately, social conditioning has corrupted us all so much that we nonchalantly just go along with it, unquestioningly and for most of the time, nobody thinks about what they are eating and drinking, which shows how archaic and totally blind we have become to it all.

I see parents taking their small children to see the newly born lambs in the fields and openly encouraging them to stroke these very cute babies, falls a bit short really, when Sunday comes, these same parents will serve up roast lamb and expect their children to eat it all, which they will, as we so easily disassociate that the lives in the fields which we deem as cute and lovely, are the same beings and creatures that the majority of society readily eat nearly every day of their lives.

Even the adverts on the television tell us that Cows graze on grass to produce milk, which we need to drink to remain healthy, well that’s a joke. Cows are artificially inseminated,(raped basically,) to keep them pregnant. When the Calves are born, they are taken away from their Mothers and it is this process which keeps the Mums milk flowing. These milk saturated Cows are then exploited and milked up to 3 times a day. The milk, which also contains puss and blood is then treated and is sold in our supermarkets. Why do you participate in all this ? If you were to see a Female human being exploited, or treated in this way, would you stand by and allow it, would you buy Human milk to take home and give to your children?

We live in a so called modern and compassionate society and world, this mass slaughter and total exploitation of our fellow beings and animals which we say we love is not a modern way of thinking though, its barbaric and each time you buy a joint of meat, some milk and many other forms of animal flesh and liquids, you are supporting the slaughter, murder and exploitation of these innocent beings, plain and simple.

I can justify everything that I eat, drink and wear, CAN YOU ?

Please think about every thing you eat and drink. Stop the disassociation.

Thank you.

John Awen.   / | \