Vegan Mentor


Vegan Mentor

Making the transition to becoming Vegetarian or Vegan, can seem extremely daunting, as if you are effectively cutting yourself off and ostracising yourself from all that you know and from the majority of eating habits and patterns you may well have followed and taken for granted from birth.

Becoming either of these is the most natural course that we can follow when it comes to dietary needs, physical health and well being.

All that we need in a healthy and well balanced diet, is protein, nutrients, carbohydrates, calcium and essential oils, all of which are naturally occurring and in abundance within a plant based diet.

Forget the social conditioning that we must eat meat and eggs to receive the vital proteins needed to survive. Especially the over-hyped propaganda that all calcium can only be derived from Cows milk.

Making the change and becoming Vegetarian or Vegan, means we are literally going straight to the source to receive these essential properties that are vital to our health and well being. Within doing this, we are saving countless lives, which are the animals that are so readily slaughtered and exploited, all in the name of health for us mere Humans.


I could easily write a factual piece here about the cruelty shown to our fellow creatures which we share this beautiful planet with, I won’t though, scaring people is wrong and it is up to us all, as individuals to ultimately decide whether we can carry on with our heads buried in the proverbial sand where these creatures are concerned, or not.

What this is about, is offering an option, totally free of charge, to help and assist you, should you choose, to help and alleviate the transition to ultimately becoming meat, dairy and cruelty free.

I do not at any time profess to be a qualified nutritionist, what I can do is offer advice and tips, along with recommending supplements and networking with other organisations to ensure that you eat a healthy and very balanced diet which will ensure you get all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and nutrients which the body requires daily.

Basically I am offering to show and encourage you totally to make a lifestyle change, one which results in less animals being exploited and slaughtered and will inevitably give you a much richer and beneficial diet, so its a win, win situation.

I am located in South Somerset in the UK and live a Vegan lifestyle and absolutely condemn the industries that serve only to slaughter and exploit innocent animals and line their own pockets with blood money.

As a nation of supposed animal lovers, we are not doing very well at all. This is an archaic practice, totally outdated and cruel on so many levels, basically it has to stop now.

All change starts from within ourselves and if you are thinking of, or feel ready to make this change, then I can help and ease you in this transition.


I am available to give you ideas and alternatives to make sure you will remain healthy with a perfectly stable, calcium, protein, nutrient and carbohydrate enriched diet. The diet that will save countless lives and ensure you are healthy and fit. I am also willing, should you live relatively close by, to accompany you on a shopping trip, to point out the healthy and well balanced options available.

As well as offering advice and giving tips, I am also available to give talks on this topic, along with any other subject covered on this site, all of which I have personal experience and knowledge of.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone, or the contact form.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you soon.