As we slowly unfold, learn and become comfortable with who and what we are, a huge realisation and transformation take place within us.

This journey of life which we are all on and blessed to be having, doesn’t come with an instruction manual, there are trials all the way and it is how we deal, comprehend and learn from these that matters and shows us our strengths.

None of us are perfect, we can’t be, we are trapped within these human bodies and are not infallible to anything.

What is important, is to heed these life lessons, learn from them, grow and evolve personally.

Once we can take this stance and reach a much deeper level of attunement and comprehension, we can then start to accept the frailties and misgivings in others, this also requires a huge shift in our consciousness, the rewards are great though. We can accept ourselves, others and the world around us, a rare gift and blessing indeed.

There is no reason at all that any one of us should judge, slander, ridicule, or try to do anything apart from support one another.

Life is so very short and extremely precious, at any time, we can all fade away and simply cease to be. What good does it do to waste precious time and energy on judgements, when we have all made mistakes, its worthless and serves only to stop us from evolving.

The shift within our consciousness needed here, is the trait and path of empathy, a skill that sadly not many people actually possess, let alone adhere to.

To be empathic also shows that spiritually we are on the right path and evolving just as we should do.

Next to this comes, almost hand in hand, unconditional love, which is infinite and allows us to move on even further with our own personal growth.

We should all be at least attempting to reach and achieve these goals, they will serve us well on our own personal journeys and in doing so, will help us all as a species to move on and come together as a race.

We can all live in hope.


John Awen…./ | \