Animal Totems

Animals have so much to show and teach us. They have a much deeper connection to the Universe and the finer workings of life. Animals are pure, they have no ulterior motives at all and they work on a much deeper level of consciousness and being, they are simply happy to be, clear, clean and unadulterated.

To recognise your Animal Totem and to then incorporate it within your very psyche and utilise the extremely powerful spiritual lessons that they teach and show us in your day to day life is truly humbling. A much deeper and more spiritual level of awareness can and is reached by accepting them to show you the world around.

For many millennia mankind has embraced the animals into his life and by doing this now you can harmonise not just with yourself and your surroundings, but this can show you how to tap into the source of all life and all creation, which is the sacred space that is held within the universe. We all hold this sacred space deep within us, unfortunately though, for many people, that space is locked away and forgotten.

Learn to recognise and allow these beautiful creatures into your life, let them show you how to enjoy life to the fullest you can and accept everything around you as it is.

One of the most powerful and inspirational parts of life that we can ever learn is by communicating with these sacred animals that we share this beautiful planet with. Unfortunately, because animals do not use vocalised communication, far too many people think the animals are there just to be exploited and that humans stand above them within the grand scheme of things, very sad indeed.

Learn how to recognise your Animal Totem or totems, there is no limit on how many we can have every single creature and animal has a different message to show and teach us, we just have to let them into our lives, communicate with them and accept what they teach us.

Our Ancestors were far more attuned to the natural world and environments that surround us, it seems as if we have become almost frightened of the natural world and totally detached from it. It’s time now for us to disconnect which will allow us to reconnect to the world that really matters.

Take your place within the natural world; allow the various signs and messages to flow freely to you and allow the animals to show you the most valuable lessons you will ever learn.

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