Summer Solstice.


We are now rapidly approaching what for me personally is the high point and crescendo of the year. A truly powerful and splendid time. We are reaching the peak of the six month journey we have been on, running parallel and alongside the great Sun God.

As the Sun reaches his highest point of trajectory on June 21st, he will hold station in the skies above, before slowly reversing and retreating very slowly and majestically, waning as the Moon does, a wane that will inevitably take six months to complete, before starting the journey and gradual ascension once again just after the Winter Solstice.

I find it memorising and totally enigmatic, that at the same time we ourselves are living our lives almost mirroring the achievements and splendour of the great Sun God. In comparison, we retreat into our homes at the cold and darker months of Winter, just as he does. Once the Winter Solstice is over, the light starts returning, albeit very gradually and it is at this point, that we start to awaken, physically, mentally and spiritually. We start to stir from our state of hibernation, yawning and stretching and with each day that passes, we feel enriched with the days that lengthen.

Slowly and surely, we leave our wintry shelters and emerge into life once more and all this gathering of strength, insights, ideas and aspirations, is collecting momentum, then when we reach the Summer Solstice, just like the magnificent and beautiful great Sun God, we feel at our best, our most positive, strengthened, wizened and inevitably at our own personal peak, once again, this is happening and playing out on all of our levels of consciousness and sub consciousness.

This Summer Solstice, I am very pleased to have been asked to attend Watkins book shop in London, the UK’s oldest and original esoteric book shop, dating back over 100 years. Here I will giving a talk and signing copies of my book ‘Summer Solstice.’

It would be great to meet you there, if you are able to attend and if not, signed copies of this book are available here on my website.

Many thanks and enjoy this very special and magickal time of year.


John Awen.   / | \