New Beginnings.

In a world where we now have more communicative devices than ever before, it is such a shame that we, as a collective, are talking less face to face. Unfortunately nowadays, people are too busy doing nothing and lack real communication skills.

Behind a keyboard, so many individuals become extremely brave and morph into an illusion of their own making, sadly though, it is becoming fairly main stream for these often very insecure beings, to write and publish online, fake, derogatory, libellous and slanderous articles. Many of these articles are totally fabricated and serve only to slight others. I feel pity for these individuals and they clearly have nothing else going on in their own lives, that they have to concentrate on pulling apart others who are innocent. A lot of these feelings stem from their own jealousies and insecurities with who they are, then, rather than looking at themselves, they project out their own problems onto others, a way of somehow imbuing themselves with fake self importance, bigoted and narcisstic, egotistical behaviour and traits.

I have personal experience of this cyber bullying, so I can write about this and give my personal opinion and account of it.

Having had lies and deceit written online about me, I have recently been successful in a libel and defamation of character case, which I won and the offending articles were removed by google.

Thank you to all my friends and supporters who never doubted me, but believed and supported me totally. Thank you also, to those who felt they had to be derogatory and spread deceit about me. You sent me negativity in a cowardly form, which I turned into positivity and used it to aid me in my own growth and on my journey in this life.

I now put the lessons I have learnt from this, along with all the other lessons I have learnt in life, to good use and now use it all as a way of only helping others who may be having, or experiencing similar issues and troubles.

None of us should try, or attempt to slight, or slander another. If we cannot, as a collective group, support and help each other, then its a sad world.

The old saying of ‘ Empty vessels make the loudest noise,’ has never rang truer in this day and age of cowardly individuals who obviously lead empty lives and have empty souls.


Much love to you all and Thank you.  / | \