As a metaphysical author, I give my own take and interpretation on a wide variety and a whole host of different subjects, topics and genres.

Ever since I can remember, I have been different, I am different and I do not adhere to any specific box which society tries to put me in. I am a total paradox and this has been the way I am and have lived my life from the earliest memories I have of my childhood.

I have always pushed the boundaries, crossed them and won’t be contained. This does inevitably come at a price, often ostracised and singled out for being different, at times termed as being odd, which is not the case at all. I am just unique and as individuals, we all should be and even though we have to a certain extent conform, we can still be non conformist, thus allowing us to embrace our own uniqueness and individuality.

Metaphysics is all about thought and deep thinking. Basically it is about crossing into the huge void of the unknown, forming an opinion, making the impossible possible, the unbelievable become believable and so on, in itself, another total and utter paradox.

On these journeys, which my writings frequently take me on, I often end up so far out into the ethereal realms of the universe, that I do at times wonder if and how I am going to get back into my earthly body and mind and even if I do, am I still going to be compos mentis and the same as before I left ?

It is not always easy to live outside of the permitted boundaries of society, especially when so many around you are what you might term as normal thinking beings. So many people seem unable to perceive anything different, apart from the trash they read on-line, the newspapers and are constantly force fed through the various media channels, which are mainstream everywhere now.

To comprehend anything different is to be honest, a no go for most people and I do find this very sad indeed, then again, we are all on different and varying levels of consciousness, so its going to be that way, isn’t it ?

We are all born individual, try not to become a replica.

Explore everything, embrace each opportunity and become the real YOU.


Thank you…./ | \