Cloak of Autumn.







As we approach Samhain, effectively and historically the end of one year and the start of another, we are imbued with a magical transition, on all levels, both physically and metaphysically.

The beautiful colourations in the natural world are now changing as the seasons enter another phase and turn of the wheel. The vibrant greens, yellows, reds and a plethora of other bright and majestic colours are now giving way and changing to hues of copper, oranges, browns, almost a dulling throughout, but still the vibrancy can be seen and admired throughout the natural landscape of our physical world.

Trees that have been adorned with lush green leaves, are now letting go, shaking off their foliage, giving way once again, to the skeletal shapes and forms that stand and dominate much of our countryside, a time of retreat, almost a stasis, as they now become bare and conserve their energies over the upcoming colder and wintry months ahead.

A leafy carpet of russet colours, mixed with faded greens, browns and yellows, are all that remain now of the leaves that clung on to the boughs and branches of many of our majestic Ent like trees, showing us once again, that time is of a constant, and as life ends, on all levels, a time of rest, retreat and relaxation is needed in order to gain strength for the next growing period which is to come.

The Celtic new year, or Samhain as so many people know it, invokes the life, death and rebirth way of life, which as we are all aware, is prominent, a daily part of our existence and a constant within our lives.

A time to honour those who have gone before, remember them fondly and in all we do. A very special, magickal and extremely sacred time indeed.

I personally find it very cathartic, inspirational and extremely poignant, that just as we enter this period, I am now starting to take notes and write my fourth book, which is to be called     ‘ Ancestor’s.’

May all the Ancestors that have ever lived and breathed inspire me as I embark upon what is to be another very special journey, which writing, or creating something out of nothing always is.


Thank you.  / | \