Changing of Worlds


From the very moment of my birth, death, or passing over as I prefer to call and acknowledge it as, has been around me constantly. You could say a close friend, or ally.

Having not been expected to survive within this world, due to complications, I have over the years and throughout my life, had the utmost respect with the word and very conception of death.

For many years of my life, around 12 years in fact, I lived in close proximity with death, watching friends die, often in front of my own eyes and my own fragile existence, which for 12 years due to a massive heroin addiction, I personally did not care whether I lived or died, such was the grip of addiction over my whole being.

Putting aside the intensity of those years, death, or passing over has always played a huge part in my life, whether that has been my own near death and at times, I have actually transitioned into the realm of the deceased which I call ‘The Summerland’s, I have worked for a funeral directors also, so I really have seen death and all that goes with it in very close proximity.

The sheer fragility of the lives we hold so dear is an invisible line and any one of us can lose the mortality which we are aware of in this body vessel at any time. Some of us are just more attuned and intrinsically aware of this fact than others are.

Life is for living, enjoying and savouring constantly, for none of us truly know when it will be our time to shuffle off this mortal coil. What is important and essential for our daily lives, is to be aware that nothing, nor nobody should ever be taken for granted, not for a single second.

Whatever we may believe and whichever path we choose to follow, passing over is not to be feared at all. The life we have in this body vessel will at some point end, yet our transition into another world will begin at that point and the infinite journey that our soul is on, will continue once again.

Honour the passing over time of death, hold it close, for now though and while you can, enjoy living this life and all that it has to offer, show and teach us.

There is no Death, just a change of worlds.


Much love to you.

John Awen.