There has never been a better time to start eating healthily and more cleanly than now. There are so many medically and scientifically endorsed facts which are easily and readily accessible now that show how many of the diseases which we can contract and suffer from are directly linked and attributed to the foods and drinks which we consume and place directly into our bodies.

All the evidence is out there, and we will have all heard of the saying, ‘We are what we eat’, well there is no better time to change than now.

From the studies of inspirational Plant-based Drs and various practitioners like Colin T Campbell, Dr Michael Greger, Caldwell Esselstyn and Neal Barnard, the evidence is stacked up in the favour of breaking the chains of the eating habits which we follow without thought and switching to a plant-based diet and Vegan lifestyle.

Having been Vegan myself for several years now I can fully endorse it and my own personal story shows and demonstrates that by changing the foods with which we fuel our bodies has a huge impact upon all levels of our being, Physically, mentally and spiritually.

When you actually stop to think about it all, its obvious, how can we possibly expect to feel good and function to high capabilities on any of our levels, when we are consuming the angst, pain and suffering of the animals that have been slaughtered needlessly and packaged up to be sold as food?

Medical complaints such as acne, eczema, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma and other bronchial disorders, cancers and many other human ailments can be and have been dramatically reduced and even cured with a Plant based/Vegan diet.

As the societies in which we live are now racked with illness and suffering, as individuals we must realise that taking medications is not always the answer and there is not always an instant, or quick fix. When we make the connections and realise the simplicity of our health, then it becomes so obvious and clear to see that we can become so much healthier by eating and consuming natural and clean foods, which in turn, create happier lives, positivity as our moods are drastically lifted, plus many other health benefits.

As a fully qualified Vegan nutritionist

I can listen; understand why you are thinking about changing your diet and transitioning into a Plant based/Vegan diet and lifestyle.

I can replace foods that you use as comfort, or go to foods, treats, etc. I will work out how I can best tailor a specific meal plan for you that will be nutritionally rich with all the correct amounts of protein, Vitamins, Irons and other dietary requirements our bodies need to power ourselves through each day and feel more positive and balanced in all that we do and on all levels of our being.

I am available to offer advice and help you make the switch to a better and much healthier way of life and after the initial consultation with me, I can then work closely with you to help you achieve any goals you would like to reach and achieve.

From cutting out meat in your diet, reducing and eliminating dairy products, switching to Vegetarian, going Vegan, I can help you achieve all of these and will be with you every step of the way.

As well as being qualified in all these aspects, I am also available and can help you lose weight, gain weight and get you out of any eating habits/disorders that you ay have and are now looking to change and break free from them.

My specialist subjects

I am fascinated with just how vital the foods we eat are to our health and how we can alleviate and reverse many symptoms which sadly plague Human health nowadays. As I said earlier, there is no better time to make the switch and start eating and enjoying a much healthier lifestyle than now.

With my knowledge and experiences, I am able to give talks on a multitude of topics which could and would help such a wide demographic of people

Please contact me if you are looking to change, I have listed already many aspects that I am fully equipped and capable of dealing and helping you with in relation to your dietary requirements and I specialise in: –

  1. Vegan Nutrition whilst Pregnant, covering all 3 trimesters.
  2. Baby & Child Vegan Nutrition.
  3. Reversing type 2 diabetes with a whole foods Vegan diet.

For any of your dietary requirements and starting your journey to Plant-based and Vegan lifestyles, please contact me.

The first consultation is free and from there we can both decide which plan of action is required and will be more beneficial to you.

Lets start your journey to better health and happiness now.

Summer Solstice

Here I am giving a talk. Very pleased to have been asked by Watkins books in Leicester Square, London, ( the oldest esoteric bookshop in the UK ) to give a talk on the subject of one of my book topics, Summer Solstice, very appropriately given on 21st June 2017, the day of the Summer Solstice.

If you would like to contact me and arrange a talk, please use this contact form.

Online Bullying, Trolling And What To Do

We now live in the best of times, at the click of a button we can find all the information that we are seeking and searching for, it really is incredible and the factual evidence we can find aids us significantly on our journey through life, in this aspect knowledge really is power and never before has so much information been so readily accessible to all.

On the other side of this, there is also an abundance of misinformation, no solid evidence at all and nothing else to corroborate it, this is where we should never believe anything we read online unless there are further references to back up and endorse the true validity of the subject, basically this is where online bullying can come into play.

bullyingSadly, in this day and age there seems to be a new breed of bullies circulating, from behind a keyboard they can elaborate fake personas, create and manifest hate campaigns towards others and attempt to unsettle and possibly derail their victims. We will all be aware of how damaging these trolls, stalkers and online bullies can be, they create a platform for themselves fuelled only by inner hatred and self loathing, such is the sadness they feel within, that all they can do is attempt to project an air of grandiose, trying vainly to empower and imbue importance within their wretched existence.

I have no doubt at all that many of us can relate to this, whether that is through seeing it unfold and being aware of who the intended perpetrators and victims are, maybe we have read about it, all too often though, the victim can be left damaged by these false allegations and constant harassment, sadly some are powerless to overcome these onslaughts so self-harming, maybe even suicide becomes the only viable options to choose, this is a travesty and as with any cowards, they just run away and go on the look out for a new victim to hound and harass, again, this just shows how insignificant they feel and are and how unimportant their lives are that they contribute nothing of any tangible thoughts or actions into the world.

It is up to us all as compassionate beings to not fuel and allow these vile beings the oxygen to perpetrate the hate campaigns they wage, we need, as a collective, to out them, ignore the futile words they throw about unless there is factual evidence to endorse and back up 100% the allegations they profess, to not take this stance is giving them breathing space and allowing their sad existence to come into our world, this then makes those who give them energy no better than the actual bully themselves.

Bullying is wrong,bullying whether it is perpetrated in the playground of a school, the workplace, or on line, social media and other genres linking to that.

Whether these individuals are Male or Female makes no difference, they need to be stopped, held accountable for the crimes they commit and avoided.

This is where screen shots are invaluable, ask friends and others to take pictures of anything that can be viewed as harassment and bullying, these prove invaluable in building a case against the perpetrators and in time, they will be held answerable to the cowardly acts they commit.

We all know that any bully and any person aiding them in their quest is deeply troubled and feels totally insignificant within their lives, this alone shows a lot more about them than it ever could about their intended victim.

There are people and companies out there who help deal with personal online bullying. They can silence the bullying at its source whether its through online forums, social media accounts or even person blogging websites. Save the proof and these bullies will have nowhere to hide.

Quite simply, we all need to stop bullies, stand up against it and out those who have nothing of any value to give to this world, only their vitriol hatred of themselves.