As I watch, view and absorb the world around me, the people in it and how many of them go around their business, I am often left speechless and wondering what hope their is.

Why is it that so many people profess to be something they clearly are not ? Held in a permanent stasis of ever decreasing circles, constantly casting false aspersions and slander into the world, making unfair and brash statements about others, more often than not, without solid and tangible evidence to back anything up, it really is a shame and renders me often with my head in my hands, hoping that one day, these poor souls might grasp the reason they are here in the first place, after all without hope, faith and belief, there is nothing.

I have looked around at delved into several different religions, none of which resonated within me and left me empty, without being able to nourish my being with truthful answers, so I looked elsewhere.

Having looked into several so called new age beliefs, I ventured into the path of Druidry. I soon found out though, that this can be more oppressive and controlling than several religions can be. I soon realised that being a Druid is a state of heart and mind, it is not about belonging to some sanctimonious old boys club and paying out extortionate amounts of money simply to be able to have an A4 laminated certificate, it goes way beyond that and once again, so many seem to be unable to comprehend and realise this fact.

I see so many people, who claim to be this, that and whatever, more often than not, they claim these titles just to fuel their own ego’s and feel self important. I speak to many people and unfortunately, so many people fall short when asked about their beliefs, many haven’t even got the basic knowledge of how often a full moon is, let alone any other parts of the equation that all go hand in hand with being true to who you are, what you do and inevitably profess outwardly to supposedly being.

It really does become so farcical and I find it insulting to my intelligence, but then again, these people are only really lying to and fooling themselves.

We live in a world now that has more communicative devices than ever before, yet people on the whole are actually talking to one another less, how does that work ?

Once again, we have to realise that we are all on different paths and journeys, therefore we are all on different levels of understanding, realisation and comprehension. So I can see that this is the way and once again, we have to realise that so many people are just not who and what they openly profess to be and simply tend to hide behind labels, which they attempt to wear like a badge of honour, maybe in the hope that they will never be questioned, who knows ?

If we are not open, honest and truthful to ourselves, then there is absolutely no hope that we can be honest with anybody else, it just cannot happen.

People really do need to look within themselves and realise that this life is not a game and is so sacred, precious and we are all very blessed and honoured to have it.

People really do need to start waking up and walking their talk.


Thank you.  / | \