Mindful Hypnosis in Somerset

The times in which we are living now can be extremely stressful, we never seem to have enough time to do anything and often, it appears as if we are chasing our tails and getting nowhere fast. Hypnotherapy could be the answer…

The knock on effects from this can soon manifest and before we know it, we can feel very drained, tired, almost negated in fact and it can be at these times, where we can reach for a crutch, seemingly to help us through, yet these vices and habits we pick up are doing us no good at all, we all know that, yet often it can seem impossible to give them up.

Whether you would like to quit smoking, maybe you feel you would like to lose some weight, or just would like to feel happier and more positive about yourself and the life you lead, call me and I can help you.

If you have reached this understanding and are determined, then I can help you to achieve the above mentioned and many more ailments, vices, habits and personal to you problems which you feel you would like to combat and overcome. Once you have reached the point where you wish to confront and overcome these, ring me for an initial free consultation and then visit me near Yeovil, guide you into and through a deep and relaxing meditation, then whist under Hypnosis, I can suggest ways in which to stop, basically removing any habits that you feel you would like removed, replacing them with mindfulness, wellbeing and a positive outlook, all of which will aid you in a healthy lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy has been practiced for many centuries with great success and whilst there is no actual date of origin, it is known that the Ancient Egyptians practiced this art and can be seen in many of their paintings and etchings.

Providing an overall holistic and alternative therapy, Hypnosis really can let you leave behind and quit many habits that you feel are restricting you in your life, leaving you healthier with a great sense of achievement and pride.

This non-invasive therapy is highly regarded across the world and is used in many cultures as well for all types of situations.

From quitting smoking, maybe you get nervous at exam and test time, you could feel you are over eating, whatever you feel is a problem to you can be overcome and once you realise you want to face it, you are halfway there.

From the first contact, I will listen to your individual needs and put a package in place for you, then we can make further arrangements where I will place you under Hypnosis and your journey to a new you will begin.

Having trained with the Somerset School of Hypnotherapy, I am fully accredited by them and was awarded an official and fully recognised Diploma, in the theory and practical knowledge of Hypnosis and clinical Hypnotherapy.

Based in South Somerset I will travel up to an hour to come and see you in your own home, phone, or e-mail me for more information and let your Hypnotherapy journey begin.

After any course of Hypnotherapy, I provide after care and full support should you need it.

Having had great success in helping people to quit smoking, to lose weight and helping them to become more positive, I offer some packages below, also if you would like to discuss something else that I haven’t mentioned, then please call me.

If you are interested in trying hypnotherapy, we have several proven scripts available to download from our Shop.



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How he went from battling a heroin addiction to being a SHAMAN

John Awen, 48, from Yeovil, Somerset was addicted to heroin for 11 years. During this time, he went to jail for shoplifting and driving without a licence. He said he quit drugs after having two heart attacks and being stabbed in attack. John has transformed his lifestyle, and runs a vegan mentoring programme


Calling meat eaters rapists and slave masters is wrong

A Somerset spokesman for the Vegan Society says shock tactics to shame people into giving up meat risk harming the cause.


John Anwen, who lives near Yeovil, says intimidation of meat eaters is not going to gain vegans new friends or change eating habits.


He condemned techniques adopted by some campaigners who have branded meat eaters as rapists and slave masters.


He advocates peaceful lobbying and education to encourage more people to give up meat.




Shamans have been around since the dawning of time. Wise Men & Women who communicate and understand the Universal laws of life, death and the constant cycle of life.

Often revered and frowned upon, simply because to be and live as a Shaman, means to connect with the unseen forces of this world and other realms, rather than bow down and adhere to another’s indoctrinations and teachings. Basically a Shaman will, for the most part, work alone and in doing so, they connect on a much deeper and intrinsic level with the ways of the world, almost shunning the enforced ways of others.

Throughout history the Shaman has been used and called upon for a vast array of answers that aid people and the communities they live within, from assisting in the birthing of new-born children, seeking new places of settlement, walking onto battlefields to quell the fighting, communing with the deceased to receive clarity, answers and insights. Along with an infinite amount of other qualities, the Shaman knows, senses and feels the natural ebb and flow of life, death and away from the distraction of others and their rulings, is free to access many realms in the quest to acknowledge the questions and answers that will aid them greatly in their understanding and comprehension of life and all that is contained within and without this world and universe.

Many esoteric groups and beliefs, follow teachings and rulings that have been put in place by others, no different really from the mainstream churches that so many strive to break free from, yet unfortunately they still end up bowing down to another’s beliefs and often follow without question or reason.

We can only truly gain wisdom, clarity and knowledge by breaking free from the harsh ways of the dogmatic system which many are enslaved to and fight to hold onto, endlessly following and obeying, hearing without listening and forming part of the endless flock of Yes Men & Women.

Having never been able to follow and adhere to another’s way of life I set out from an early age to seek answers to a multitude of questions I had going around in my head. Throughout my life I have tried to follow, simply because it is so much easier and you don’t have to think. Each time I have had to walk away and return to my own way of life, seek my own answers and understand life, death and the world around me on a more natural, deeper and real sensing and awareness.

All of the answers I have been seeking and still seek are within me and from this understanding, through deep soul journeying and transcendental meditation I know I will find them and have them answered.

From communing with dead people and talking with the animals at a very young age, I find it extremely warming and soothing that now in my late 40’s, I have returned to that state of mind and being, yet now I am better equipped to understand and acknowledge this gift that I was born with, its just now I can let it naturally and freely flow and that my path as a Shaman is not new to me, I just embrace and live it daily now.


Animal Totems

Animals have so much to show and teach us. They have a much deeper connection to the Universe and the finer workings of life. Animals are pure, they have no ulterior motives at all and they work on a much deeper level of consciousness and being, they are simply happy to be, clear, clean and unadulterated.

To recognise your Animal Totem and to then incorporate it within your very psyche and utilise the extremely powerful spiritual lessons that they teach and show us in your day to day life is truly humbling. A much deeper and more spiritual level of awareness can and is reached by accepting them to show you the world around.

For many millennia mankind has embraced the animals into his life and by doing this now you can harmonise not just with yourself and your surroundings, but this can show you how to tap into the source of all life and all creation, which is the sacred space that is held within the universe. We all hold this sacred space deep within us, unfortunately though, for many people, that space is locked away and forgotten.

Learn to recognise and allow these beautiful creatures into your life, let them show you how to enjoy life to the fullest you can and accept everything around you as it is.

One of the most powerful and inspirational parts of life that we can ever learn is by communicating with these sacred animals that we share this beautiful planet with. Unfortunately, because animals do not use vocalised communication, far too many people think the animals are there just to be exploited and that humans stand above them within the grand scheme of things, very sad indeed.

Learn how to recognise your Animal Totem or totems, there is no limit on how many we can have every single creature and animal has a different message to show and teach us, we just have to let them into our lives, communicate with them and accept what they teach us.

Our Ancestors were far more attuned to the natural world and environments that surround us, it seems as if we have become almost frightened of the natural world and totally detached from it. It’s time now for us to disconnect which will allow us to reconnect to the world that really matters.

Take your place within the natural world; allow the various signs and messages to flow freely to you and allow the animals to show you the most valuable lessons you will ever learn.

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Total Hypocrisy


As with so much of society nowadays, the defining lines which mark out set boundaries are becoming very opaque and almost non existent. It seems many people are struggling with what is acceptable and how to portray themselves in a world in which has become so easy to fabricate and elaborate just who and what we are. A very sad part of this is hypocrisy and total misunderstandings are being fed outwardly just to create an illusion to others.

In a world where for the most part of it, people profess to be animal lovers, that falls short totally as these same people happily eat animals, therefore they are totally backing mass slaughter on a global scale and the barbaric exploitation that sadly comes with the dairy industry.

Admittedly social conditioning has a lot to blame for in this, as we are literally force fed hypocritical rubbish that preaches to us that to remain healthy we have to eat meat and drink milk from Cows, what an absolute load of nonsense that is.

As a species we are aware of the toxins and poisons that are added to meat, yet still we nonchalantly carry on being a part of this multi billion pound industry and for what? Mass slaughter and total exploitation of billions of innocent animals, which are sentient beings, they have emotions, they feel pain, hurt, loss and they suffer when they feel bereavement, yet still people buy into it and support it, unreal.

Going Vegetarian is a great start and in doing this, undoubtedly many, many animals lives are saved, simply because they are not being eaten, yet the dairy industry is as big a culprit as the meat industry, so then it becomes down to personal beliefs, do you love animals or not, it really is that simple. Can you say that you are compassionate to the plights of others when you support mass slaughter and cruelty? Can you switch off to the fact that you are consuming by products that are not meant for consumption by humans, these are animals and they are pure and totally innocent, yet many people carry on professing to be animal lovers, well, quite simply they are not and cannot truly love animals whilst they carry on buying into and consuming meats, cheeses, dairy milk and wearing by products that have all derived from mass slaughter and exploitation of these beautiful creatures and animals which we share this world with.

The only option is to ‘GO VEGAN.’